ADD/ADHD Medication Management

Students already diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can transition their ongoing ADD/ADHD medication management to a Student Health Services primary care physician. 

To do so, begin the process 30 days before the next medication refill.

  1. Complete, sign, and date the ADD/ADHD Patient Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form. The form allows us to request the following:
    1. Documentation of a diagnostic evaluation for ADHD from a psychologist, psychiatrist or primary care physician.
    2. Medication prescribing information from a psychiatrist or primary care physician, if you have previously been on medication.

  2. Return the completed form by one of the following delivery methods:

    1. Drop Off or Mail:
      Student Health & Wellness
      Room 146
      463 East Circle Drive
      East Lansing, Michigan 48824

    2. Email

    3. Fax (517) 432-9460


Once we receive your medical records, a Student Health Services primary care physician will review them. If the records are complete, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. If you have not been contacted to schedule an appointment within two weeks of returning your request for records, please contact the Medical Records team at (517) 353-9153.

If additional documentation is required, the Medical Records team can help you request any missing information. If you are unable to obtain the required records, diagnostic evaluation is available through Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

To schedule an initial consultation with CAPS, visit or call (517) 355-8270.

If you need further assistance, call the Medical Records department at (517) 353-9153.