Patient Rights & Responsibilities

MSU Student Health & Wellness

Patient & Client Rights and Responsibilities

(Click here for a pdf version of the Patient Rights & Responsibilities)

Our goal is to provide excellent health care to every patient. The patient rights and responsibilities help make your health care as effective as possible, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. 

All patients have the RIGHT:

  • To be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
  • To services, treatment, and an environment free of discrimination and harassment on the basis of age, color, height, weight, gender, gender identity and expression, disability status, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, or veteran status.
  • To be protected from embarrassment or invasion of privacy.
  • To choose to have a friend, family member, or formal chaperone present for emotional or other support during your visit. 
  • To expect that personal convictions and beliefs will be considered when seeking help, and convictions and beliefs of the provider will not adversely affect care.
  • To expect care given by appropriately qualified professionals.
  • To complete information, to the degree known, concerning diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and any significant treatment alternatives of the illness or health-related condition.
  • To participate appropriately in decisions regarding health care.
  • To have access to the information contained in the medical record, within the limits of the law.
  • To confidentiality, regarding record disclosures, and the opportunity to approve or refuse, in writing, the release of information, except when required by law or when life is in danger.
  • To information regarding the scope and availability of services, hours of access, provisions for after-hours care, and emergency coverage.
  • To information regarding fees-for-services, what services may be involved, and methods of payment.
  • To full information regarding appropriate channels for expressing grievances and making evaluations.
  • To be made aware of experimental research and the right to refuse to participate in such research without jeopardizing access to care.
  • To accept medical care or to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the medical consequences.
  • To have pain assessed and to have it treated. 
 All patients have the RESPONSIBILITY:
  • To provide, to the best of their ability, complete information in order to assure proper evaluation and care.
  • To follow instructions concerning medications, follow-up visits, and other essential steps in their treatment plan, and to notify their provider if the plan cannot be followed or if problems develop.
  • To ask sufficient questions to ensure appropriate comprehension of their illness or condition, as well as recommendations for continuing care.
  • To provide feedback regarding their perception of health services.
  • To avail themselves of educational opportunities offered through Student Health & Wellness services, and to employ knowledge and experience gained towards developing a healthful lifestyle.
  • To show respect for Student Health & Wellness personnel.
  • To keep appointments or notify the department or clinic in advance if an appointment cannot be kept.
  • To make payment, or arrangement for payment, of service fees.
  • To contact their insurer to determine whether billable services are covered by their plan.
Protection of Patient Rights:

Patients are encouraged to express their concerns about Student Health & Wellness services, and may do so through the following mechanisms: 

  1. Using Compliment/Complaint boxes, strategically located throughout Olin Health Center and in the Neighborhood Clinics.

  2. Notifying any staff member of their concern.

  3. Directing concerns in writing, by telephone (517) 432-0003 or e­mail to the Student Health & Wellness Mediator at

  4. The University Ombudsperson, Room 129 North Kedzie Hall, (517) 353-8830 is available to accept complaints from any student.