Health Services at Olin Health Center offers many routine immunizations. We charge for the vaccine and for the administration of the vaccine.  Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you about coverage specific to your insurance. Please contact your insurance company directly for any questions you have regarding coverage or copays.  Patients will be billed for any amounts that are not covered by your insurance.

For information about approximate prices of immunizations, please see "Are You Immune Aware?".

We offer the following routine immunizations by appointment (click on the immunization name for information from the CDC). To make an appointment for an immunization, call 517-353-4660::

Please make sure to arrive at least ten minutes prior to your appointment to complete paperwork. Also, be aware that we require a copy of your vaccination record (history of all your injections) in order to give immunizations. You must bring this with you. You should be able to obtain your records from your high school, home doctor, or home health department. 

**You do not need your vaccination records to obtain the Influenza (flu) vaccine.

If you need vaccines for Polio, Shingles, Chicken Pox, Yellow Fever or any travel-related immunizations, please visit the MSU Travel Clinic, a part of the University Physician's Office.