Additional Services

Other Injectable Medications

Allergy & Immunization services at Olin also gives injections for the following medications:

  • Multiple Sclerosis Injectable Therapy
  • Testosterone
  • Lupron (we require a copy of your last pregnancy test results before starting this medication)
  • Vitamin B12

We require the same documentation for these medications as we do for allergy serum. Please go to "Getting Started with Injections" and follow the same steps.

Blood Type Testing and Titer Testing

If you need to know your blood type, we can help.  We also offer antibody titer testing, which is blood testing for those who need proof of their vaccine levels. For either service, make an appointment with the Allergy & Immunization nurse. The nurse will write an order for your blood type or titer testing to be done in our laboratory. To schedule your appointment call (517) 353-4660.

There is a charge for each of these tests. For a titer, you must bring your vaccination record with you to your appointment to ensure accurate lab interpretation. You should be able to obtain your records from your high school, home doctor, or local health department.