TB Testing

Tuberculin (TB) skin tests are available by appointment. You must make two appointments.  The first will be for the injection of the PPD into the forearm. The second appointment is to check for the skin reaction (this is often called a "TB read") and we will schedule it between 49-71 hours after the test. If you do not get your test read within this designated time frame, the nurse will be unable to accurately interpret the results. If this occurs, you will need to make another appointment to get the injection again and you will be charged for the re-test.

We do not offer TB culturing at this time.

If you are obtaining a TB skin test for a job, please understand that Olin Allergy does not give physicals. If you need a physical or a medical clearance signed by a doctor and it requires a TB test, please call our scheduling office at (517) 353-4660 to make an appointment with Olin Primary Care.

Olin Health Center hosts appointment TB Clinics at the beginning of the school year for those volunteering through Community Engaged Learning. You may contact our office at (517) 353-9763 for more information regarding dates and times. If you are getting a TB test because you are volunteering through Community Engaged Learning, you must bring your TB Volunteer form with you to the appointment. Please contact Community Engaged Learning for more information.

If you are an international student and are required to get a TB test please contact the University Physician’s Office at (517) 353-8933 or email uphys@msu.edu.