Costs, Billing & Payments

Health Services charges for most services at Olin Health Center and in the Neighborhood clinics. Most costs are similar to what is charged in the community.

Fitness/Wellness program charges are expected at the time of the visit. Most other charges will be billed to the patient.

  • The "Three Visits"

    Registered MSU students will not be charged for the first three medical office visits of each academic year. The office visit includes the time with the medical provider to diagnose and make a plan of treatment. This does not include other services such as those listed below.

    There will be charges for services such as:

    • Laboratory tests (STI testing, throat swabs, TB tests, etc.)
    • X-rays, and prescriptions
    • Physical therapy
    • Allergy shots and immunizations, flu shots, HPV, tetanus, etc.
    • Surgical procedures such as fracture care, sutures (stitches), excision, incision, etc.
    • Medical supplies (brace, crutches, air cast, sling, etc.)
    • Fourth and subsequent medical visits

    Office visits are charged to un-enrolled students, Lifelong Ed students, and spouses of students.  Any student in the fifth (internship) year of the Teacher Certification Program is eligible for the "three visits".

  • Insurance Billing

    If you would like your insurance company billed for services, please bring your insurance card with you to your visit.

    If you do not have insurance or if your plan is with a company that will not reimburse us, a bill will be sent to you.  If you prefer the bill to be sent to your home address, be sure to tell the receptionist at the time of your visit.  For more information, visit our insurance page.

  • Billing Questions

    If you have a question about the bill or a general question about insurance coverage, contact a patient accounts representative by calling the number listed on the bill or one of the following numbers:

    Toll-Free: 1 (800) 964-3968

    Olin Patient Accounts Representatives: (517) 355-4516 or (517) 355-4517

    Specific questions about the health insurance policy covering the patient should be directed to the insurance company.

    Bills from Sparrow Regional Laboratories

    While many lab tests are performed in the Olin lab, some specimens are sent to Sparrow Regional Laboratories along with insurance information. If you receive a separate bill from Sparrow and have questions, use the contact information located on the billing statement.

  • Paying Your Bill

    Payments can be made online or by mail using the information found on the billing statement.

    Online payment can be made by credit or debit card. The online system cannot take Spartan Cash or Flexible Spending cards, or payments due to the Office of the University Physician.

    The MSU Health Care Central Billing Office is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (800) 964-3968. Payment can usually be made with a credit card, debit card, Spartan Cash, or an HCSA. 

    • Credit card payments can also be made online through the MyMSUHealth patient portal or by calling the MSU Health Care Central Billing Office at (800) 964-3968.
    • Checks can be mailed to the address on the paper bill.
    • Payments can be made by credit card in the Cashier's Office.
    • Cash payments are not accepted.