Media and Class Assignments

Class-Related Assignments: Interviews, Videotaping, Photography

We enjoy working with students seeking assistance for a class-related assignment. Please keep in mind that patient care does come first, and we need to plan in advance for interviews, videography, photography and other projects.

MSU students seeking an interview for a class-related assignment should keep in mind the following:

  • To request an interview, or the ability to take photos or video inside any Student Health and Wellness space, email Marketing and Communications team at
  • Please make your request at least one week in advance of when you wish to come in.  Priority is given to those who make their request two or more weeks in advance.
  • Photography and videography of patients or other visitors is not allowed in any of our service areas or clinics. Patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance.
  • Video and photography projects requiring more than an hour of time generally cannot be accommodated.
  • We receive many requests at the end of the semester. We are limited in how many interviews we can accommodate, so planning ahead is important.
    • If you wish to interview a medical provider or other professional, we need to have the interview questions in writing prior to the interview.

Media Requests

Reporters should email Marketing and Communications at Please do not contact multiple people within Student Health and Wellness (Health Services, CAPS, Health Promotion, Center for Survivors and Safe Place) as that slows down our efforts to assist you.

National College Health Assessment (NCHA) Data

For an overview of various health topics and Frequently Asked Questions about the NCHA survey, analysis, and use of data, please refer to the State Of Spartan Health Assessment Survey overview.


Tour Requests

Please contact Marketing & Communications by emailing at least two weeks prior to your requested tour date to confirm availability. We provide tours of Olin Health Center to small groups (less than 25 people is optimal) interested in learning more about how to Student Health and Wellness.