For Parents & Family

Before your Spartan starts classes, you may want to familiarize yourself with the health-related recommendations and requirements for incoming students.  We know college students usually call home when faced with illness, injury, or other health-related questions. Being ready ahead of time to refer them to the services they need will help you and your student. 

MSU Health/Medical Requirements

  • All new undergraduate students must complete an Immunization Self-Report form. Other requirements are based on the area of study or designation as an international student. Learn more at
  • Health insurance is required for international students and those in medical school or veterinary medicine. For all other students insurance is highly recommended. The MSU-sponsored Blue Care Network (BCN) plan is available through MSU Benefits.
  • Students who are not yet 18 will require parent/guardian consent for most routine medical care in Michigan. If your student will be 17 or younger when arriving on campus, please complete the  Minor Consent Form and return it via email, mail or fax.

Parent/Family New Student Orientation

We're proud to participate in New Student Orientation. See all of our resources for new Spartan students and families — including a copy of our presentation — at .

This video provides an overview of health and wellness services, and is required viewing for incoming undergraduate students: 



Where to find what you need if:

  • Your Student is Not Yet 18

    A Minor Consent Form will need to be completed by a parent or guardian to provide consent for your student to receive medical care if they will not yet be 18 when they move to campus. Please print out the form, complete and sign it, and return to our Medical Records Department by mail or fax:

    Medical Records Department
    463 E Circle Drive, Rm. 146
    East Lansing, MI 48824-1037

    Fax: (517) 432-9460

    Questions can be sent via email to

  • ADHD Prescriptions Need to Be Filled

    Students wishing to have a Primary Care physician at Olin Health Center take over the ongoing management of ADD/ADHD medication should:

    1. Complete, sign, and date the ADD/ADHD Patient Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form. The form allows us to request the following:
      • Documentation of a diagnostic evaluation for ADHD from a psychologist, psychiatrist or primary care physician.
      • Medication prescribing information from a psychiatrist or primary care physician, if you have previously been on medication.

    2. Return the completed form by one of the following delivery methods:

      • Drop Off or Mail:
        Student Health & Wellness
        Room 146
        463 East Circle Drive
        East Lansing, Michigan 48824

      • Email

      • Fax (517) 432-9460

    Once we receive your medical records, a Student Health Services primary care physician will review them. If the records are complete, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. If you have not been contacted to schedule an appointment within two weeks of returning your request for records, please contact the Medical Records team at (517) 353-9153.

    Learn more about ADD/ADHD medication management here.

    The Medical Records phone number is (517) 353-9153.

  • You Have Questions About Insurance

    Most undergraduate students are not required to have health insurance, but it is strongly recommended. The only students required by MSU to have health insurance are international, medical and veterinary students.

    For information about insurance billing, what to do for uninsured students, and other insurance questions, visit our Insurance page.

    To enroll or learn about the MSU Student Insurance plan through Blue Care Network, visit

  • You Are Wondering Where to Send Immunization Information

    All new MSU undergraduate students are required to review the University's immunization policy and submit the online Immunization Self-Report Form through the office of the University Physician website

    Incoming students should also have a copy of their immunization record if they will be receiving any recommended vaccines from our Allergy & Immunization Clinic at Olin Health Center. Michigan residents can access their State of Michigan immunization record online at

  • Your Student Needs Allergy Shots
    Review information and forms to set up allergy therapy for your students by visiting our Allergy & Immunization Clinic page.